Christian & Christiane

Christian, an author and former television producer, decides to live as a woman for a year. He is neither transsexual nor intersexual, nor does he want to undergo hormone or sex therapy. He simply wants to better understand women and question his role as a man. How this experiment worked out and if it was possible to become the man he used to be without any problems after this year, was observed by the author Dariusch Rafiy with his television

man decides to change his identity for one year and live as a woman. He is married, neither transsexual nor intersexual, nor does he want to undergo hormone or sex therapy. As a motive, he states that he wants to better understand the world of women, but also to critically question his own manhood.

His decision is met with skepticism, even resistance, in his immediate environment, among his wife, friends and girlfriends: What is he trying to prove? Is someone deluding himself? Hasn't everything already been said about the role behavior of men and women? And can conclusions about male and female behavior be drawn from the use of makeup and fashion alone? This is the starting point of the documentary "Christian & Christiane," in which author Dariusch Rafiy accompanied Christian Seidel in his role as Christiane for a year.

If Christian Seidel as a man is something of a gray mouse in a jacket, Christiane is like the incarnation of a blonde goddess: a guardsman in high heels, with long, slender legs under a skimpy miniskirt, shapely curves that show under a tight sweater, and long, silky hair. A woman that men turn their heads to see. Has someone succumbed to his own ideal image of femininity?

Christian Seidel, who is now an author, worked for many years as a TV producer, managed beauties like Claudia Schiffer long before the advent of TV casting shows, and is considered one of Heidi Klum's discoverers. So how does Christiane experience the world from a "female" perspective? And how does Christiane perceive her "former" fellow sex workers? And how, in turn, does her environment react to Christiane? After a year, is it possible without any problems to become the man he once was? And does Christiane even want to?

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