Christian Seidel works as an author. He sometimes creates or organises creative projects.

He financed her acting and theatre studies as a truck driver for Deutsche Post, as a newspaper delivery girl, waitress and projectionist at ARRI Munich. Very early on, however, he began writing more than acting. Texts for newspapers and magazines, but also for PR and media campaigns. At the end of the 1980s, she has written the marketing concept on the basis of which Heinrich Bauer Publishing has financed Andre Heller's wonderful Luna Luna.

Numerous event-based campaigns followed, often with international media attention. Special attention was paid to advertising campaigns with teddy bears for the men's magazine Esquire and publicity campaigns for the re-release of old films, in which Seidel had old newspaper reviews painted by artists and presented them in vernissages in New York and Munich. He looked after celebrities as a publicist and manager. With his media campaign TV For Nature, Seidel launched the first international multimedia campaign to save the climate at the end of the 1990s, in which over 60 television stations worldwide participated.

Christian Seidel was involved in the establishment of German private television as a media manager. With his company CSC Communications, he advised television stations and film companies, including ProSieben, SAT1, RTL2, Kirch Group, CBS, Lucas Film, and as Executive Vice President Programme Marketing of the Kirch Group, he was responsible for the worldwide marketing of numerous film programmes (including Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (Lucas Film), King Kong, Scarlett, Astrid Lindgren Junior Labels for non-violent children's films). In 1997, he acquired the film rights to biographical audio tapes of Princess Diana. In 2002, as a producer with his company Pipeline Development Filmproduction and British director Phillip Saville, he presented the international feature film "The Biographer - The Secret Live of Princess Di" (Diana - Her True Story), starring Faye Dunaway, Brian Cox and Paul McGann. After that, various productions followed.

After a serious traffic accident, Christian Seidel detached himself from his activities in the media and film sector and has since then only realised projects from time to time. Instead, he concentrated on learning the martial technique Taekwondo in Korea, and increasingly focused on what he loves doing most: writing and experiencing the beauty of life.