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If you are really serious about equality, writes Seidel, you have to completely change the rules that have been made by men for thousands of years and that determine professional life: The exclusion of feelings, of physicality, the banishment of children from the work environment, the fixation on hierarchies. Far too often, women would only be seen as valuable employees if they approximated male behaviors as closely as possible." - "GENDERKEY has a pleasant, surprising radicalism.Kathleen Hildebrandt, SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG

Christian Seidel, after several years of gender research and interviewing more than a hundred women, gives today's equality a poor report card, calling it a "mirage." Seidel, who himself tried to live as a woman for several years for his last successful title "Die Frau in mir" ("The Woman in Me"), describes the sexes in his latest work GENDERKEY as "traumatized role people who still ride on rigid rails due to their millennia-long imprinting. For GENDERKEY, which is written in narrative form, Seidel also looked at current science, such as neurobiology, psychotraumatology, sociology and general gender research. In addition, the author has spoken with numerous women. From his interviews with 119 women, which he had filtered out of more than 700 letters, Seidel selected twelve representative cases of working women, which he presents in a representative way in his book. He summarizes his findings in ten gender clichés and comes to the conclusion that equality is deadlocked. His theses and demands include:

  • The people most discriminated against are not foreigners or marginalized groups, but women, especially mothers.

  • It is a delusion that equality has advanced just because more women are getting demanding jobs. Laws alone are not enough; there is a lack of practice and gender-empathetic commitment on the part of men.

  • Employers should be required to pay a "gender soli" to subsidize jobs for mothers and to fund therapeutic gender seminars, especially for men.

  • Attendance at gender equality seminars should be mandatory for men in companies.

  • Conformist, masculinized behavior is a private and professional dead end for women.

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