I Am Coming

It is as if Christian Seidel gathers all the men in a virtual therapy group, he himself also joins in. His book is his speech. Petra Ahne, BERLINER ZEITUNG

Heyne Verlag/Randomhouse writes on the publication of the book "ICH KOMME":
"I Come is a revelation, a revelation - never before has a man spoken so freely of his sexuality."

The publisher further comments on the book thus:
An unheard-of self-awareness - and at the same time a critical look at how society deals with eroticism and sensuality in a world that does business with our desire.

Christian Seidel breaks the silence that surrounds this topic and describes in a touching way what goes on in him (and similarly in the body, soul and thoughts of other men) during sex: from the awakening of first sexual impulses as a boy to the erotic experiences as an adult, which also include thoughtful experiences in the context of artificial insemination - with all the inhibitions and fears, longings and feelings of happiness that go hand in hand with our sexuality. As unreservedly and radically as he reveals his own sensations, feelings and thoughts, he never violates the fine line between sensitive introspection and intimate exposure.

Christian Seidel on "ICH KOMME":
"I'm surprised that in light of the current #metoo debate, a man hasn't already come clean about his sexuality, or rather, that there hasn't even been a demand for it. It is even more surprising that this topic is not discussed in the slightest deeper, and this despite the fact that more and more such unbelievable assaults of prominent personalities become known. I am talking here about male sexuality, it is a blind zone of our public discussion. And nevertheless it is the core and pivot of it. - In my blog on this website, as well as on my Facebook page, I will report on appropriate incidents on the occasion of the publication of my book." (Christian Seidel in December 2017)

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