Go to hell, Oliver Stone!

enhanced-2183-1419980413-30If I would interview the devil, and the devil tells me, that god is a creation of the hell, and that everything is different, may be I also would believe it – if I don’t know god. If I would speak with a killer, who is on flight, without having been punished, this killer also would tell me, that the others are the real bad people and that he himself is the poor victim.
So now even Oliver Stone is part of Russian propaganda. I am not surprised. And it would not surprise me, if Stones appointment with Yanukowitch has been supported by Russian secret agencies.
Has he been on Maidan? Has he researched about how Maidan has been created and grown in reality? Has he spoken with responsible people inside of the Ukraine? Has he visited relatives of Sotnjas, to see, whether their killed fathers have been CIA agents? Shame on you, Oliver Stone! You should stop making movies, stop taking part into political propaganda campagnes such as the Russian against the Ukraine. Go to a retirement home, grow your poisoning plants in your garden, but leave this world in peace and free of your stupid interventions!

Mr. Stone seems to know his new believe very good. CIA – stories are his expertise. His whole life is dedicated to it. At least, he is very good in telling CIA stories, as far as his movies are telling them.