Destructive anti Tesla propaganda

Allmost nothing is true with the arguments of the anti texla critics. Such as:

1: Elon Musk / Tesla never keeps promises.

This is absolutely not true. Musk has kept all of his promises. He has built the Australian battery structure in time. He has built the Nevada giga factory. He has created the rocket, which can be used again. Musk has realized the first Tesla roadster. He has promised that with the profit of the first roadster he will create electric luxury limousiones. He delivered Model S and Model X. He has promised that with this he will create the first electro car for mass production. He delivered. It is just that he was late a few times. But what the hell is wrong with this? How often does Mercedes or other cars deliver later than expected? It only matters that Musk at the end has delivered. And during the entire process there has never been a serious doubt that he would deliver. He has communicated in a very transparent and reliable way all problems. How more reliable can a business man be?

2: Elon Musk is not reliable any more due to his “erratic behaviour and twitter comments”.

What a bullshit is this blaming? In the recent New York Times Musk has showed himself in an honest way, and in a human way. He has showed some volnerable sides of his personality. Worldwide the current discussion about gender equality, about justice and human management demands that bosses are climbing down from their old fashion, concrete stone age male behaviour, which does managers not allow to show feelings. It was a relief for me to see Musk as a human being and not as one of these stone age tuff assholes, who run other companies. To show feelings and surprising behaviour fits with the idea of an electric car company which wants to give a tribute to the sustainable ideas of our world. It is high time, that we find a word for a truly human behaviour, an equivalent to bio or eco.

3: Musk has blamed the thai rescuer in a non acceptable way

People who critizice Musk because of his insulting behaviour agains the british rescue diver from Thailand, the should also consider that this recue diver has first insulted Musk in an outragous and absolutely un acceptable way, by saying that Musk shall put his little submarine (with which he wanted to tribute to the rescue works) into himself, there where it hurts. Someone who says something like this has to take reaction afterwards. I would not have been fond of Musk if he would not have defeded himself, allthout he has reacted a bit to cheap. But there is not a reason at all, to draw a connection between behaviours like this and the business value of Musks management according to stock and company value.